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Because it is implemented on top of Chordiant Decision Management (CDM), Recommendation Advisor leverages powerful predictive. Chordiant Decision Management Decisions, decisions The success of a business depends upon the quality of the decisions it makes at each customer contact. Products, Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Website, Chordiant, formerly known as Chordiant Software and J. Frank Consulting, was an American relationship management (CRM), and Enterprise Decision Management (EDM) software, Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version.

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Chordiant Decision Management Download

Chordiant Software, Inc. (Nasdaq:CHRD), the leading provider of Customer Experience (Cx) software and services, today released Chordiant Decision Manage. Naveen Parameshwaraiah CRM BA & Campaign Management & BI Consultant Phone: +91 Download Outbound Campaign suite Pega (Chordiant) Decision Management ,6x Chordiant Predictive Analytics Tool. Download PDF Table 1: Overview: Chordiant Customer Relationship Management Uses real-time decision engine to deliver personalized offers to any inbound customer contact, including Web, call center and branch.

This latest release of Chordiant's patented real-time predictive decisioning solution adds new enterprise-class capabilities to its already unprecedented scalability, usability and intelligence. With new collaborative development, version management and off-line backup capabilities, Chordiant Decision Management 6. Distributed collaborative development features in Chordiant Decision Management 6. This increases security, as "sensitive" strategies need to be viewed or modified only by those who are authorized to do so. Collaborative development also enables faster development of the overall business logic because component strategies can be developed in parallel. Once completed, individual strategies are "checked in" to an advanced version management system that is based on open standards and automatically assembled into the corporate strategy. The version management system also acts as a centralized strategy development repository that enables best practices to be leveraged across the entire organization. Best-of-breed logic can be accessed from the repository, localized, customized, and re-used to suit the needs of any group within the organization. Chordiant Decision Management 6.

The customer interaction decisions to be made in each customer handling system are identified and the available information determined. Development projects are set up to create the required predictions, strategies and business rules.

Chordiant Software upgrades decisioning platform

The behavior, economics and characteristics of the segments are then analyzed. The predictions BRANCH and strategies for each of the four key dimensions of recruitment, retention, risk and recommendation are combined by business rules into a decision support package.

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The business implications of its use are simulated. At the same time, mechanisms are established to capture subsequent decision and behavior data to ensure the organization records exactly how it does business. Interactions with customers require decisions to be made both beforehand and in real time. Customer data is passed to the package which returns the instructions on how to interact, whether via the branch system, the telemarketing support system, the website, etc.

The resultant decision and the basis on which it is made are recorded.

Top CRM Vendors - Chordiant

Operations Prompting call center representatives with the most suitable offer; Benchmarking performance of salesmen, branches, intermediaries; Selecting cases for fasttrack treatment or special investigation. Intermediaries Tuning proposals and preapproving applications. Risk Management Approving applications and pricing based on risk; Setting risk-related limits; Determining the most efficient collections strategy.

Finance Calculating the provision for bad debt; Simulating revenues and costs. Management Optimizing channel and product design; Standardizing customer handling across divisions; Assessing the risk and value in acquired portfolios. What happens when a customer contact is made? Customers interact with an organization through many different channels: branches, intermediaries, direct mail and , call center, website, sales force, interactive TV etc.

Chordiant Decision Management packages have been designed to interface seamlessly with any customer handling system, adding intelligence to the customer interaction, regardless of the channel used. Changes to the way customers are handled can be immediately implemented in every channel with no maintenance required. Using Chordiant, each customer interaction follows a similar pattern.

The Chordiant Advisor application passes the available information about the customer to the interface. The interface assembles and passes the information required by Chordiant Decision Management.


The package generates predictions and segments, applies business rules and passes back to the interface the selected predictions and recommended strategy parameters.

Managing interactions in real life The impact of exploiting Chordiant Decision Management is often confidential due to the competitive advantage it brings. Costly research was kept to a minimum, but linked to data known about all customers; Chordiant Decision Management was then able to accurately place every customer in his or her segment thereby enriching the data available to drive marketing and customer interactions.

Retaining the right people performed automatic analysis of the economics of motor insurance renewals enabled a leading UK insurer to target retention activity on those segments both most likely to leave AND most desirable to keep. Chordiant simultaneously increased the acceptance rate from If outbound contact is required, Chordiant Collections Manager can also determine which channel will be the most effective for contacting the customer by accounting for their previous responses as well as cost and revenue factors.

This helps to ensure that the cost of achieving the desired outcome is appropriately balanced against the current or potential revenue that customer may produce. Offers presented include not only payment plans but also retention elements as well for customers who represent revenue opportunities.

Performance can be continuously monitored, measured and controlled.

Chordiant Decision Management

About Capgemini Capgemini, one of the world's foremost providers of consulting, technology and outsourcing services, enables its clients to transform and perform through technologies. Capgemini provides its clients with insights and capabilities that boost their freedom to achieve superior results through a unique way of working, the Collaborative Business Experience.

Present in more than 30 countries, Capgemini reported global revenues of EUR 8. Siebel eEvents provides event management for seminars, trade shows and conferences. Siebel Marketing Analytics' components include pre-built and ad hoc reporting for campaign and response analyses, customer profiling and key performance indicators, as well as an upgradable pre-built data warehouse with pre-built data extractors. Each family is further broken down into modules; while the company does not refer to the product line as a suite, each module is available independently as well as part of the entire product.

Teradata provides analytical solutions targeted to the financial, retail, communications, insurance and healthcare, travel and transportation, manufacturing and government industries. For these target industries, the company offers packaged bundles of Teradata CRM modules. These bundles are pre-defined and pre-mapped to industry-specific data models. Each model provides a base requirement that includes a standard set of reports, an implementation methodology and business smoke testing.

Because of this, the company markets Teradata as a low-risk starting point for a more custom implementation over time. Teradata CRM 5. Unica The Affinium suite of e-marketing enterprise software applications includes Affinium Model for data mining and analysis; Affinium Campaign for campaign management; Affinium Report for reporting; Affinium Plan, which adds collaboration, planning and workflow management features; Affinium eMessage for one-to-one messaging; and Affinium Interact, a context server for real-time, predictive personalization and response management.

Affinium 5, released in December , has enhancements that include relationship optimization, marketing content management, real-time e-mail marketing capabilities, a Web-based interface and data pre-processing wizards for predictive modeling, and new customer analytic reports and marketing metric templates.

Its marketing products are well established in the U. These all contribute to its ease of integration with any enterprise architecture and also to its scalability. Highly Scalable Chordiant Enterprise Marketing claims scalability with a user's database platform of choice to over million unique customer records.

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