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    This exceptional book in FULL COLOUR contains a complete coaching resource on the Tiki Taka philosophy, development, training methods, tactical insight. The coach can vary the specific outcomes (number of passes before playing the ball in to a kaaster). The coach should concentrate on both the possession team . Coaching the Tiki Taka Style of Play by Jed C. Davies & Tac is Coaching. This exceptional book in FULL COLOUR contains a.

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    Coaching The Tiki Taka Style Of Play Pdf

    Read "Coaching the Tiki Taka Style of Play" by Jed C. Davies available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. This exceptional . Jed Davies outlines in detail the Tiki-Taka football philosophy popularised by Barcelona and Spain and shows you, the coach, how to implement this style of. online pdf format Coaching the Tiki Taka Style of Play, ^^pdf download Coaching the Tiki Taka Style of Play, ^^Download Free Coaching the.

    Let's learn how to play football like Barcelona. Where they don't let the other team have possession of the soccer ball. And if they do lose the ball, they fight to win it back right away. These are the tactics of tiki taka football Overall, Tiki Taka football is about keeping possession of the ball. Also, the best esports FIFA players in the world often use the Tiki Taka style, combining it with the Counter Attacking tactic when playing the formation. What do you call the Barcelona style of play? It's call Tiki Taka football, which more or less means touch-touch. The tiki taka style of play is characterized by possessing the ball for large portions of the game, moving the ball quickly from one player to the next and in and out of the opponent's defensive pressure, breaking them down with short and quick passes. It is a huge game of keep away, with the other team acting as the " piggy in the middle ".

    Keep the ball, create movement around and off the ball, get in the spaces to cause danger. Defenders are patient, preferring safe pass options looking for midfielders with the ball circulated anywhere on the pitch waiting for a gap to make a vertical pass. The team created most of chances depending on through balls and performing give and go pass usually with Lionel Messi involved in action.

    Guardiola preferred freedom in the final third of the pitch which was effective as the team created many chances per match. Tiki-taka has been variously described as "a style of play based on making your way to the back of the net through short passing and movement," [16] a "short passing style in which the ball is worked carefully through various channels," [23] and a "nonsensical phrase that has come to mean short passing, patience and possession above all else.

    Spain, World champions in Spain, retaining European championship in Tiki-taka allowed Spain to "control both the ball and the opponent. Journalist Guy Hedgecoe from Iberosphere argued that tiki-taka is not entertaining any more due to the lack of pure strikers in the Spanish national team and their use of a false "9" or a midfield player as a forward.

    This makes the game of football full of midfielders and no strikers or defenders. Hedgecoe claimed, "With no strikers, no defenders…no goalkeeper, perhaps, just 11 technically blessed midfielders merrily passing the ball around until someone walks it into the net".

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    It's so much rubbish and has no purpose. You have to pass the ball with a clear intention, with the aim of making it into the opposition's goal. It's not about passing for the sake of it. USA coach Bob Bradley used a narrow and deep 4—4—2 designed to force Spain's possession to wide areas and draw the Spanish defence out of shape, creating space for counter-attacks that resulted in goals for Jozy Altidore and Clint Dempsey.

    Later, in their opening game of the World Cup , Spain suffered a 1—0 loss to Switzerland , with Swiss manager Ottmar Hitzfeld admitting following the match that he had been influenced by Bradley's tactics from the Confederations Cup. This worked as the first leg was a 0—0 draw at Camp Nou. Inter won the first leg 3—1, and then lost 0—1 to advance on aggregate 3—2.

    By contrast, Chelsea's Frank Lampard completed two telling passes in the two legs; both of them leading to goals. Milan in the Champions League round of In the first leg at the San Siro, Milan employed a very narrow 4—4—2 formation, with Stephan El Shaarawy acting both as a second striker and a fifth midfielder, ready to break in behind Dani Alves, and Sulley Muntari closely man-marking Xavi in the center.

    Thus, Barcelona had only one chance on goal and ended up losing 2—0. So the next time you are on the sideline, think twice about yelling at kids during the game and consider these general guidelines instead: Provide instruction when the players come out of the game or when the action stops.

    Your efforts will be much more effective. When you sub players or have dead ball situations, use that time to talk with the player one on one. Teach them, make the game fun, and set a good example! If you say anything during the action of a game, keep it positive. Words of encouragement are good for those players than can hear - and it's also good for the players on the bench and parents who are usually right on top of you in a soccer match.

    If you feel that you must provide instructions during the action of the game, it can be effective to have a few key concepts that you can instruct the players during a game situation. For example, the coach can shout "out wide" and the players will remember they are supposed to get the ball to the sidelines not up the middle. You can also use short phrases like "don't bunch" or "down the sideline" on throw-ins, and "not in the middle" when they are clearing the ball.

    pep guardiola coaching philosophy pdf PDF |

    Above all else, keep things positive during the game! It's a proven fact that too much criticism will hurt a players confidence and slow their development.

    And nothing looks worse than an out of control coach yelling and screaming on the sidelines. It does no good and actually has a negative effect.

    Podcasts Podcasts are a recent incredible resource. Look particularly for the Doug Lemov podcast and the Todd Beane podcast. Doug is an awesome educator. It just so happens that although he is primarily an educator, he is also a youth soccer coach as well as a consultant to the USSF for their coaching courses.

    Todd Beane is the son in law of Johan Cruyff. Dartmouth and Stanford educated as well as associated with one of the greatest players and coaches in soccer history. Very incisive questions by the moderator. Like above. I could go on. This is more about winning off the field than on but has great insight to coaching youth sports. We asked him to help us update resources for our volunteer coaches and here is some of his recommended reads.

    Here is a list of books on actual coahing methods and advice in no particular orer.

    Most can be downloadd on Kindle. Soccer IQ.

    Developing a Style of Play

    Shutout Pizza. High Pressure pressing. Very good short books with great rules of thumb. A key book.

    Most coaches should look for a vocabulary that clearly conveys their vision to their teams. Very common sense stuff. How to Play the Flat Back Four. Horst Wein. The Complete Soccer Keeper. Richard Seedhouse. Mindset by Carol Dweck. Many people use rondos without a clear idea about what they can do for a team.

    They are not just keep away games.

    This book applies different Rondos to the game. Playing out of the back, midfield play, switching the point of attack, etc.

    Dutch expert on conditioning and general soccer training. Founder of the World Football Academy. See podcasts for all you coaches that thing isolated running drills are a good thing. Teach Like A Champion 1. Soccer coaches must be teachers and these books will give you great insight into teaching skills.

    Great book in soccer psychology with great anecdotes. Very entertaining. Great book that explores the use of space in Dutch soccer but also in art and music and landscaping and architecture. The Future Game.

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